Welcome to durablevalue.net.This is a blog for all of you who are interested in investing with a long-term and risk-averse value investing approach.

I noticed early on that I am fascinated by the tremendous opportunities in the financial markets. Thus, I started trading securities and gradually developed my passion for investing. Once I had studied the philosophies of legendary investors such as Warren Buffet, Peter Lynch, or Seth Klarman, my enthusiasm for fundamental company analysis and long-term investing strategies was awakened. I started investing seriously in equities in 2015 and have enjoyed good returns since then, but most importantly, learned a lot. As continuous learning is crucial to investing, I want to keep on this process. On this blog, you can watch me from the front row.

I have also laid down the reason for starting this blog in my first post, but they basically sum up to three things. First of all, I like the fact that through the blog my ideas are captured and publicly visible. Secondly, I am convinced having a blog post is a great starting point for discussions on investment ideas and I am always happy to receive feedback. And last but not least, the writing down of things is a great benefit in itself. To write down a thought, one has to think about things at least twice, reflect on them, and for me, it is also much easier to remember something once I have written it down.

So again, a warm welcome to my blog. I hope you enjoy reading and find my thoughts helpful.